Hot Lunch (Digital)

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$9.99 - On Sale

The long awaited digital release of our album Hot Lunch! A physical copy is on the way (within the next month and will contain bonus tracks). But here it is... the album you've been waiting for. Oh, and it'll be on iTunes/Spotify/Rdio/Amazon and all major internet retailers within 3 weeks of 2/14/2012. Happy Valentine's Day.

Track listing:
  1. Casey Anthony Could Get It Because I Like A Girl With Junk in Her Trunk
  2. Nun Brains
  3. Butt Raped By Bigfoot
  4. Force Fed Vomit
  5. I'm Gonna Fuck Me A Moose
  6. Fuck Me Gently... With a Chainsaw
  7. Sir Rapes-A-Lot
  8. I've Got MS, Show Me Your Tits
  9. Some Call It Stalking, I Call It Love
  10. Fucked At Gunpoint
  11. High School Yearbook Masturbation
  12. Underage Sleepover Sex Party
  13. Go Play In Traffic
  14. Just Your Typical Family Sex Dungeon
  15. Lesbian Boy Torture
  16. You're Just A Hole To Me